Barn Owl Mug Candles

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Delight your friends and family with one of our Barn Owl Mug Candles!

The mugs are thrown by hand by local potter Simon of Campbeltown Pottery in a quirky barn owl design. Available in an host of popular aroma blends.

The barn owl stamp is in stunning classic Amulet Green. And once your candle is finished we can refill it for you or you can clean it and use it again as a mug.

It will keep your coffee or soup really hot and it slides perfectly and securely into the mug holder in the car!

Candle burn time: Approximately 30 hours.

Capacity for coffee or soup - a generous 160 ml.

Height: 100 mm x Diameter: 70 mm.

Refills service at 70% of RRP in our studio workshop.