Angelic Tarot Reading with Hollie.

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Relax in the Clean Healing Space to the rear of the workshop at Zing Organics for a personal Angelic Tarot Reading with Hollie..

In a combination session of Oracle Card Readings/Guidance by Angels and Spirit, Crystal Layouts, and use of a choice of Zing Organics Chakra Balancing Perfumes, Hollie will open your mind to new possibilities.

Hollie is a 21 year old gentle soul - a Medium and Psychic Healer who holds only Pure Love for you and Holds Space with you.

You will choose how you want the session to be structured as this is all about you. However a typical format might be:

Meet and greet - Hollie will help you find an all botanical vegan friendly perfume by Zing Organics that you're drawn to that will be used on you for the duration of the reading.

You'll then find yourself seated facing Hollie with her beautiful crystals and oracle cards laid out and be invited to touch or hold any crystal/gemstone you're drawn to. This might be an indication that this is a crystal/gemstone you should source and purchase to enhance your well being at a future date.

The great thing about the session is that you can discuss your concerns, ailments or worries if you wish - or not - you might not always want to share private or delicate information. You open up if you wish to at any stage.

A fresh herbal tea, regular tea or coffee of choice will be brewed up for you and served to you as you settle in for the reading.

Hollie will start with her Oracle Card reading after inviting you to shuffle the pack of cards.

You may ask specific questions, for guidance or for clarification at any time.

Anything discussed during the workshop is entirely confidential as you would expect.

Your Angelic Tarot Reading will last approximately 45 mins.

Dates - by arrangement - full payment is requested to secure your booking.