Therapist Candles

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Popping up in therapy rooms all over the country! Or bring the power of the inhalation of pure essential oils into your own home! Presented in resealable glass jar. 

Cheery not S.A.D. - Lavender, Geranium and Green Mandarin -  Essential oils renowned for alleviating Seasonal Affective Disorder which can wreak havoc with one's well being during the long dark days. Difficulty sleeping, getting up in the morning, concentrating, feeling down and lethargic are but a few of the symptoms many endure. It's harder too in the city where the light hours are even fewer than in areas of low pollution.

Balance - Ylang Ylang and Lavender (a harmonious synergistic blend of essential oils used to balance Mind Body and Soul). Delicious Powdery Floral meets Crisp Herbal aroma combination. Both essential oils are Prana Activating encouraging a slow steady deep breath.

Sleep - Lavender and Geranium with Roman Chamomile - (harmonising essential oils renowned to assist with achieving a deeper sleep - wake up fresh and start again with a clean slate!). Florals are also wonderful anti depressants especially when working in a synergistic blend like this, so can offset lowered mood and anxiety. Burn the candle for an hour in the bedroom and extinguish the flame before retiring to bed. We use the finest Nepalese Organic Chamomile in this candle. Costly but we feel the best.

Study - Rosemary and Spearmint (essential oils renowned for enhancing memory and focus - the perfect student gift!) Both oils have been shown to enhance confidence and self esteem. They're also widely used to ease allergies and respiratory ailments.

Sensual - Life is simply too frantic and often we're too overwhelmed with stress to slow down and make time for one another. Seduce delivers a powerhouse of aphrodisiac essential oils of Ylang Ylang with Patchouli and Organic extract of the decadent orchid Vanilla. 

Ingredients: Non GM Sustainable Soy Wax. Pure Essential Oils as stated for fragrance with nothing else added. Vegan Friendly. Cruelty Free. 

Dimensions: Height:70 mm x Diameter.. Burn time: 25 hours approx.

No - petrochemicals, dyes, fragrance oils, phthalates, vybars.

We have a long term collaboration with The Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry at Strathclyde University of Glasgow who are involved in purity testing our ingredients, handling equipment and end products. See FAQ page for more information.

Visit our open door workshop in Tarbert, Loch Fyne to see your own candle being made!