Ah There! Body Oil in Soothing Hemp (Cannabis Flower) with Bergamot and Rose Geranium

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'Hi, Kirsty, I am 74 and the oil I bought in Tarbert has been used to treat dry skin on my face, plus to heal things like a scar from a fall and as a skin treatment on my hands and neck.  I love this oil!! Thanks again. Bless you for making this product available!!' - Meg


'I've found it indispensable with the scar healing, plus, it smells divine, what's not to love ?' - Jacqueline


'This wee product is amazing for your skin. I've been using it on Jayden's (my Son) eczema - highly recommend! - Courtney


'I haven't been able to see my Doctor (due to Covid restrictions) for steroid injections for pain in my arms. I tried this and I don't need them any more!' - Maggie


'May as well throw my hat in the ring 😁😁😁 love using body oil at bed time, not sure if it's meant to aid sleep but does for me so win win.'- Karen 


‘Fantastic for calming my psoriasis.' - Morag


'Absolutely adore this oil. Without a doubt one of most delicious smelling body products around.' - Tara

The aroma accord of Cannabis (Hemp), Bergamot and Rose Geranium is sure to uplift and make you feel nurtured. Aroma Notes - smells like a glorious spicy peach!

100% Botanically Derived.

90% Certified Organic Ingredients.

We formulated this product as a top end skincare product for our clients with highly sensitive skin. Pure Essential Oils of Cannabis Sativa (Hemp), Bergamot and Rose Geranium are thought to be soothing for sensitive and irritated skin conditions. 

You won't often see a body oil using base organic oils that are normally reserved for inclusion in high functioning natural and organic spa facial products.

So intensely moisturising, you will require only a few pipette fulls per full body application.

The Cannabis Flower Essential Oil we use is derived from Hemp and contains only minimal amounts of THC's and is perfectly legal in the United Kingdom and Europe. It may not be legal in all countries or states and it's the individual's responsibility to check the status in this regard of the country/state concerned.

Click here for more information on the Pure Essential Oil of Cannabis Flower (Hemp) which we use.



Apricot Kernel Oil - Organic

Jojoba Oil - Organic

Squalane (Olive derived)

Pure essential oils of:

Cannabis Sativa Flowers and Leaves Wild Crafted - France

Bergamot Peel - Bergaptene free - Italy

Rose Geranium Flower and Leaf - South Africa

Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free.

Presented in Classic Tall Italian amber glassware with new elegant long glass pipette inserts. Therapists may prefer a pump dispenser. Please advise if you'd prefer a pump style dispenser.

Available in three sizes. Sizes depicted in image are 25 ml Travel Size and Regular 80 ml Size.

Refills available in our open door workshop or by mail order.