Cannabis Sativa Essential Oil and CBD


Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Essential oil is legal as it contains only negligible amounts of THC's (psychoactive compounds which create a high) but is thought to offer an array of benefits partly associated with the CBD which is present at high levels in only certain grades of essential oil. We use essential oil derived from Hemp crops grown in Wild Crafted fashion (no agrochemicals) in pristine Normandy, France. It's extracted using a low pressure steam distillation method to protect the active compounds and is high in CBD. Some essential oils of Cannabis are entirely devoid of CBD and are often extracted only from the seed of the plant. Ours uses the leaves, stems and even flowering tops of the whole plant to deliver a more potent, complete and more beneficial end product (and also a more pleasing floral/herbal aroma than many of its comparators). Cannabis Essential Oil in studies has been shown to be soothing for delicate and sensitive skins and in other applications considered balancing to mind, body and soul.

We make no therapeutic claims in regard to our products. Zing uses relatively low concentrations of Cannabis Sativa Essential Oil in its products as it can be quite overpowering in aroma if over used. We are unable to assert what proportion of active compounds are available by product.

Our founder Kirsty has been working with Pure Essential Oil of Cannabis Sativa for her own therapeutic benefit since 1990. She resisted formulating products for sale using CBD for several years due to the misunderstanding and taboo surrounding its use. Subsequently as awareness has grown of the holistic benefits of hemp derived CBD, Zing has introduced a number of related products with quite astonishing popularity and feedback. We do not pretend to know everything about the ways in which the pure essential oil of Cannabis Sativa that we use can help, but are broadening our knowledge on an ongoing basis through interaction with our supplier and our customers. A lot of general information is available on the internet. Provenance and traceability of the Pure Essential Oil of Hemp that we use and all others is paramount to us at Zing. We insist on seeing lab tests to ensure the CBD content is high and that any heavy metal, hydrocarbon or petrochemical traces are virtually non existent as one would expect with a Wild Crafted product. There are any number of inferior Hemp derived ingredients on the market place and many are being found to be adulterated. You won't find any of these in a Zing Organics product whether it be a candle, a room and linen mist or an organic skincare product. Our founder Kirsty and her long term, knowledgeable and trusted supplier of the Pure Essential Oil of Cannabis that we use are of the view that less is more; that oil of a very high quality (with integrity) is favoured by the customer/client and need not be used to excess. This could be likened to a homeopathic effect. 

Products containing pure essential oil of Cannabis Sativa by Zing Organics include our The Big Chill Candles, The Big Chill Room and Linen Mist, our Ah There! Body Oil and our Smoothie Beard and Facial Serum.

Date of publication of this article: 28th February 2018. The information at this time is given in good faith and to our knowledge accurate and up to date. Please feel free to contact us directly for more information as required. Thank you.