Apricot Kernel Oil - We use only Organic here at Zing!

One of the ingredients we use widely in our Organic Skincare Collection is Cold Pressed Organic Apricot Kernel Oil. You'll find it in in the following products which are made by hand in our Open Door Workshop in Tarbert, Loch Fyne, Argyll.

Velveteen Facial Serum in Frankincense, Patchouli and Lime.

Smoothie Facial + Beard Serum in Cannabis (Hemp), Cedarwood and Green Mandarin.

Ah There! Body Oil in Cannabis (Hemp), Bergamot and Rose Geranium

This costs us twice that of the non Organic alternative and we feel choosing this grade delivers significantly enhanced skincare benefits.

Apricot Kernel Oil is rich in anti-ageing and anti-oxidant components including vitamins A and E.

It is light and readily absorbed without leaving your skin feeling greasy.

It helps maintain moisture levels and protects from environmental damage and pollutants by strengthening the skin's natural barrier.

It contains anti inflammatory properties, soothes damaged and irritated skin and stimulates healing.

Apricot Kernel Oil possesses anti ageing properties, softening fine lines and wrinkles.