Yogis appreciate the purity of our products and love the way they enhance practice whether in the studio, on the beach or in a cave! Most of our Zen products are highly portable as Yogis are always on the move. So resealable jars for our candles and security friendly Mat and Towel Mists which are travel and security friendly hit the spot. All our ingredients are derived from genuinely botanical sources and this collection is all Vegan friendly. 

We believe we're the only eco brand to create a range of essential oil blends specific to balancing each Chakra. The aroma blends are based on essential oils and blends of these which have been used over the centuries to amplify Chakra Balancing. We've worked closely with a number of Yoga Instructors to hone this collection and this is a work in progress; just like you in the Studio! Our The Big Chill collection of candles and room and linen mists are such fantastic sellers we've added them to our Zen Collection.

Refills of jar  and glass votive candles, perfumes and mat and towel mists available in our studio workshop at 60% of RRP.