Brighten Up Facial Mist

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A stunning Travel and Security Friendly Facial Mist in Lemon. All Botanical. Presented in Apothecary Style Amber Glass Misting Bottle.

75 ml. Approx 400 Actuations or Sprays.

Composed purely of Lemon Hydrolat which is created during the distillation process when Lemon Essential Oil is being made.

Hydrolats are know to :-


Provide gentle Anti Microbial action - great for Break Outs





And in the case of Lemon Hydrolat - very gently brighten the tone of the skin.

Aroma notes: Subtle Aroma. Musky Lemon. Extracted from Italian Lemon Peels.

From some 20 - 30 cm away, apply a light Mist to Face and Neck at any time of he day or night. Also helpful prior to applying our Eco Marine Algae Facial Cleansing Masque or Facial Serums. This will provide an Humectant effect and make the Cleansing Balm or Serums glide easily and go a lot further.

Useful for wiping Sticky Hands whilst travelling.

Refills available in our Open Door Studio Workshop or by Mail Order.

Ultra low in naturally occurring Pure Essential Oil allergens.

Ingredients: Pure Hydrolat of Lemon. Emulsifier and Preservative free.

Keep yours in the fridge in summer to keep your cool!

Feeling #amaZING with Kirsty Morrison of Zing Organics!