Mother and Baby

A Collection of Candles, Perfumes and Room and Linen Mists devised specifically to nurture Mind Body and Soul during pregnancy and nursing. The collection also includes a baby safe spritz for the nursery and a Preggers Gifting Hamper.

Formulae are all 100% Natural.

Independently Purity Tested - see the FAQ page on our website. Notably our products display a fingerprint consistent with naturally sourced ingredients. All core ingredients and end products were also shown to be phthalates free. Phthalates are used in fragrance oils and even sometimes in pure essential oils to make the product go further. They are endocrine disruptors which are highly unsuitable for use around pregnant women. Phthalates were banned from infants' toys some years back due to the palpable risks associated with a child's healthy development, however they're still legal astonishingly in fragrance oils today! 

We use only pure essential oils which are generally regarded as safe according to stage of pregnancy including labour/ or during nursing. You select your product according to stage/need. The concentration of pure essential oils/application rate is minimal. Less is more. We believe in offering a faint veil of aroma which is pleasing but not overpowering.

Subtle but safe is the idea - pregnant women have an enhanced sense of smell and will be repelled by pungent aromas.

Formulae composed to be ultra low in naturally occurring essential oil allergens. We estimate our essential oil allergen level to be around 1 tenth that of other leading 'natural' and 'eco' brands.

Our products have been composed to be enjoyed during a healthy pregnancy or where baby is thriving well. If you have any uncertainty we'd advise you speaking with a medical professional or an experienced aromatherapist.