Aromachefery Gourmet Collection

A delightful collection of artisanal gourmet seasonings which are uniquely fragranced naturally with Organic Essential Oils of a sublime quality. Gift sets available to inspire any adventurous home chef. All products in the collection are Vegan Friendly. The ingredients are free of gluten, grains, soy, nuts, dairy, mustard and celery. If you decide to cook with essential oils directly yourself please be VERY careful. We feel that the oils used in cooking/seasoning are better to be organic or wild crafted and they should also be DILUTED down before used in cooking. That's the reason why we infuse sea salts, sugars and our chef oils with the essential oils in our range so only minute measurements of essential oils are being used per serving. It's about enhancing dishes with a faint veil of aroma rather than overpowering the taste of good cuisine itself.

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