Throat Chakra Balancing Perfume - We've fallen in love! - £25 off Yogi spend over £100!

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We've fallen head over heels with our re formulated Throat Chakra Balancing Perfume in Neroli, White Pine and Scottish Highland Pine. We added Scottish Highland Pine into the aroma blend to offer a slightly sweeter, warming note. Unusually Scottish Highland Pine smells vaguely Geranium like as well as being redolent of the Pristine Highland Forests. Perfume Notes: Heady Sharp Floral (Neroli) meets mysterious Sweet Woody (the pines). Just wonderful for helping us to speak our truth softly, lovingly. Neroli Essential Oil comes in at over £4,000 per litre so you're really being indulged with this one. We use genuine Neroli Essential Oil, not synthetic fragrance/fragrant oils and not Neroli Essential Oil diluted in other carrier oils nor 'Neroli Light', an approximation of the aroma using a cheaper essential oil blend of principally other citrus oils. Neroli Essential Oil is intensely soothing to the nervous system easing anxiety and panic. It's also thought to assist with a good night's sleep. You apply the perfume very lightly to temples, wrists, and the forearms with the glass stroking wand and rub it in. AND if you spend more than £100 on our Yogi Collection we'll give you £25 straight back! Add all items to basket and use promocode '25THROAT' to claim your full discount! Only one use per customer. We believe we're the only eco brand to have an open door workshop where you can walk right in any time to see your products being made. We also believe we're the only eco brand to have commissioned extensive independent purity testing (successfully) into a wide range of our ingredients and end products. See our FAQ page for more information.

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