The Vegan and Cruelty Free Bandwagon in Cosmetics and Home Fragrancing

Posted by Kirsty Morrison on

So many self styled 'ethical' high street skincare and home fragrancing brands will extol the virtues of their products leading with their being Vegan and Cruelty Free. Well their ingredients may well not contain any animal products or by products and they may not engage in animal testing, but look closer. If they contain synthetic fragrances denoted generally by the ingredient 'fragrance', or any other petrochemical ingredients, then they are certainly not ethical or cruelty free. These ingredients are polluting our bodies and organs, our children and our pets and our environment for centuries to come. Some ethical brands are declaring the use of 'safe synthetic fragrance' - safe? Are you kidding me? Safe perhaps as in they are legal to include but there's solid growing evidence that there are a host of concerning links between synthetic fragrances and many illnesses. The brand might not use parabens but use other nasty preservatives such as phenoxyethanol. They may still use PEGS too.

The whole eco system is being negatively affected by the continued use of synthetics and petrochemicals in product ingredients. This impacts on the quality of our crops including vegetables. There's a groundswell of marketing relating to products being Vegan and Cruelty Free used by the less honest brands in fact as a smokescreen for all the other nasties they're concealing in their products. If you want to know more about what's in the products you're using, then take a photograph of the ingredients list and I will be happy to 'decipher' the ingredients for you as most of us want the same thing; - health and happiness for ourselves, our families and friends and the planet. 

And by the way all of our Zing products are Vegan friendly apart from our solid perfumes and colognes and our Eco Marine Algae Facial Cleansing Masques, as these contain Organic Beeswax (The Soil Association demands certain standards over Certified Organic Ingredients being ethically extracted and sustainably sourced). We find it's an hugely helpful ingredient in a number of ways in these products and understand that many Vegans are ok with Beeswax. We are testing alternative plant based waxes but don't feel pressed to rush something through merely to tick a box and jump onto the totally Vegan bandwagon. Very many plant based waxes are extracted using very harsh chemical methods which are far from respectful of our fragile eco system. We do not engage in animal testing at any stage of our product research or development, we test the products on ourselves! And for the record, all of our ingredients are entirely naturally sourced. Entirely naturally sourced products are more effective than synthetics, and operate at an holistic level.


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