The Phoenix Organic Body Oil - Rise Again!

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Virtually all of my products are born from a need and desire of my own or those of my loyal customers.

Since Christmas I've had any number of customers tell me of their problems with joint inflammation and pain and water retention often triggered by injury and or loss of confidence and mobility post op.

I myself could resonate with this having had a serious neck injury a few years ago. I became stiff as I was scared to move the wrong way for fear I'd cause further damage, and I all but stopped vigorous exercise. The pain was shocking at the time. I still hold tension around the neck and shoulders and experience pain and discomfort. I wanted something warming, comforting but encouraging - something that would help me rise again as the fearless sporty person I'd once been. I started to research Pure Essential Oils that could combine to tackle inflammation and pain and loss of mobility but also lift me up emotionally.

The Phoenix Organic Body Oil I now see as my true friend, the one that says - 'come on, get up, stop wallowing, let's see the spirit of Kirsty emerge again', not the withering friend that says - 'oh what a wee shame for you'. I adore this body oil!

The Phoenix Organic Body Oil is infused with sublime Pure Essential Oils of Cypress, Rosemary and Scottish Highland Pine renowned for encouraging revival and renewal that tackle -

* swelling and inflammation of joints

* joint pain and muscle aches

* cellulite

* water retention

and aiding

* detoxification

The aroma blend is considered helpful for boosting mental clarity and concentration and may act as a decongestant.

The base organic carrier oils are long renowned for providing intense hydration and themselves are anti inflammatory, healing and mildly anti bacterial.

We trust this product will enable you to rise from the ashes just like the Phoenix of Greek lore! 

Aroma Notes: Bracing Herbal - Warm Musky Resins - Hint of Violet 

Top Detox Tip: - Mix two pipette fulls with one cup each of Himalayan Sea Salt and Epsom Salts before tipping into your running bath. Otherwise rub the oil directly and briskly into the affected areas. The product can also be used simply as a luxurious and highly nourishing and moisturising Organic Body Oil.

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