The increasing popularity of hemp derived CBD - and special offer!

Posted by Kirsty Morrison on

We don't make any wild and sweeping claims about our products containing CBD but encourage internet research in this field where information is widely available. However we're seeing massive growth in popularity of our products containing pure essential oil of Hemp derived Wildcrafted Cannabis Sativa L

Hemp is relatively easy to cultivate and can be grown without the need for pesticides. The wild crafted pure essential oil we use to make our products is extracted from the crops grown in the pristine plains of Canada. Hemp is an entirely sustainable crop and actually enhances the environment as it captures CO2 and regenerates the soil naturally. It is going to feature widely in protecting the environment from Global Warming over the years to come.

The cannabis essential oil we use contains a vast number of the unique compounds found naturally occurring in hemp flowers including a high proportion of CBD. These compounds have been linked with a great number of benefits to mind body and soul. It's classified as a hemp derived product as opposed to being a scheduled drug. The THC levels are at trace levels only so won't induce a psychoactive 'high' so the essential oil is not addictive. The product is non GMO and has been tested free of synthetics, pesticides and heavy metals.

Like all our products we want them loved and used, and no two customers are identical, so if for any reason you don't adore your Cannabis infused products, please let us know so we can arrange a suitable replacement or refund which we offer on a no quibble basis.

And this week only spend more than £50 on line and receive £10 off any of our products containing CBD. Use Code: CBD.



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