Ten Reasons why the Zing Monthly Hampers Club is the Greenest of all!

Posted by Kirsty Morrison on

We like to think we offer the most ecologically sound Monthly Hampers Club.

Here's why

1. We use only nature sourced and principally Certified Organic and Sustainable ingredients in our products. There's no drain on the environment by using petrochemical derived ingredients, synthetics, colourants, preservatives or fake fragrances and phthalates etc. Our retail sized Organic Skincare products and Organic Perfumes are all travel and security friendly, so the Member doesn't require special additional travel sized bottles or jars when on the move:-  that means - less packaging wasteage and expense to them. 

2. We make all our our items in house - no buying in from various other manufacturers and CO2 emissions associated with all the extra transport and packaging required for such a thing. Our Members love the personal touch that comes from the hampers arriving with love directly from us. It's clear they've not been packed in a warehouse by a zero contract member of staff.

3. All our items are made in glassware. Most hampers are packed with products in plastic or aluminium packaging which a/ creates a negative impact on the environment in first being made and b/ can't be easily cleaned, re used, re filled or re cycled. Glassware is cleanable, reusable, refillable and recyclable without creating any toxins.

4. We use compostable or re used inner protective packaging. Our hampers usually go out in re used postage boxes or occasionally jiffy green bags (made from re used packaging) for smaller hampers.

5. We only provide product lids on Organic Skincare and Perfumes - Candles go out lid free. If a customer wants a lid they only have to ask.

6. If our customers wish to switch products if they don't think they'll like, they are free to do so (minimising waste). We asked our customers who had had other hampers and they told us they threw out 40% of items in other hampers that they'd never use.

7. If a Member isn't entirely happy for any reason with any product received even after trying it, we are happy to replace it.

8. We offer a refill service of 25% discount on all items, so our glassware is very regularly re used. Members regularly return empty glassware for us to re use even if the items aren't being refilled.


9. We offer 25% discount on all other products which go out at the same time as the Member's Monthly Hamper, saving on packaging and CO2 emissions from unnecessary transportation costs.

10. Our local hamper members regularly bring their hamper boxes back for re use. We re use mailing boxes from our suppliers. Various generous local retail outlets in Tarbert, Loch Fyne where we're based, actively help us by providing us with their boxes and packaging that they'd never be able to use themselves. From toy boxes to shoe boxes to bubble wrap from the bottles that arrive at the local chemist - we are rarely having to purchase protective wrapping or outer mailing boxes unless we are fulfilling gifts.

Why don't you join our Niche, Exclusive and utterly Green Hampers Club today? If full quota has been reached we'll happily place you on our waiting list and contact you when a space becomes available.

Feeling amaZING with me Kirsty of Zing Organics.




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