Synthetic fragrances and the risk posed to the unborn child.

Posted by kirsty morrison on

The developing foetus is extremely vulnerable and scented candles or other home fragrancing products using synthetic fragrances are now known to pose a risk to the developing baby. Zing Organic's candles use solely botanical ingredients in terms of wax, fragrance (pure essential oils only) and unbleached cotton wicks. Our products have also undergone extensive purity testing by The Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry at Strathclyde University. See our FAQ page for more detail. A 'pure fragrance or fragrant oil' is not botanically sourced, it's a synthetic usually derived from petrochemicals and dangerous to family life in general but even more so the developing foetus. For safety insist on using brands who guarantee that their products are 100% botanically sourced (the term natural really means nothing by way of reassurance these days) and make sure the fragrance used is derived solely from 'pure essential oils' not 'pure fragrance or fragrant oils' - the latter being a term devised to knowingly mislead the consumer into a false sense of security. As an added reassurance, Zing's pregnancy safe candles are safe trimester by trimester as not all essential oils are safe at all stages of pregnancy. We're the only eco brand to recognise this in our offering and to our knowledge the only brand to commission research by a leading academic research facility to reassure us and our customers that our products are the safest on the market.


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