Survey Results - Our The Big Chill Candle in Hemp (Cannabis Flower), Patchouli, Geranium and Lemongrass

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This was our first survey and we've learned a little from it about how to improve the flow of the questions and make the responses more meaningful. However we were very pleased with the outcome of the answers which were given anonymously. We felt that was important so the consumers felt free to give honest answers. On the survey outcome link we're keen for you to make any more comments that you think might help us and we've activated a comments tab against each question.

Via a post on our Facebook page last week we published a survey hosted by Survey Monkey as wanted to find out why our The Big Chill Candle was so popular, and posed a number of questions to consumers who had purchased the candle or received it as a gift. This candle is the one we refill most commonly in our Open Door Workshop in Tarbert, Loch Fyne, Argyll. The product is 100% Botanically Sourced (Soy Wax and only Pure Essential Oils for fragrance (no fragrance oils which are synthetics).

23 responses were submitted in the few days that followed. We know that Pure Essential Oil of Hemp (Cannabis Flower) has a number of documented therapeutic benefits, but in this product it's combined in varying proportions with other Pure Essential Oils renowned for delivering a grounding and balancing effect on mind, body and soul. Pure Essential Oil of Hemp (Cannabis Flower) delivers a fairly harsh aroma note on it's own, and one of the reasons for the aroma blend was to create a harmonising and pleasing aroma accord to simply make our customers feel nurtured and pampered.

The link is at the bottom of this page to the formal outcome of the survey but in summary:-

The star rating of the aroma blend was on average 4.74/5 Stars!

The star rating of the value of the candle was 4.43/5 Starts!

Would you buy this product as a gift for a friend or a loved one? -

45% said I already have

50% said I would

In equal order the main reasons for purchasing the candle were

as follows:

A. I was hoping for a therapeutic benefit

B. I loved the smell

C. I'm an existing Zing Organics customer and I liked the sound of this product.

Rating the effect on aiding relaxation/releasing      4.26/5 Stars (Average)

Rating the effect on aiding sleep -                           4/5 Stars (Average)

Rating the effect on confidence building effect of candle -

                                                                                 3.91/5 Stars (Average)

Rating effect on easing anxiety                                4/5 Stars   (Average)

Does product ease symptoms of  PMT or Menopause - 34% said definitely or to some degree. 

The majority of respondents would prefer to continue using Zing Organics products containing hemp extracts rather than try other such products from other brands.

We feel these results are highly encouraging, interesting and in fact a little bit #amaZING! There are some hints in the responses of areas for improvement and we shall be taking these on board, not ignoring them!








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