Spotting a Fake Natural Candle

Posted by kirsty morrison on

We at Zing can only make 4 average sized candles per batch to produce a satisfactory consistent finish and appearance to our products. Other 'natural' brands use polymers like vybar to produce carbon copy products which enables them to whack out several hundred candles per batch. We refuse to conceal synthetic ingredients in our products and consider that a slightly uneven finish and mild 'spotting' and 'frosting' on the glassware surface to be an asset rather than a flaw. Gladly the eco aware customer likes the fact that their own candle is 'perfectly imperfect' as one put it. He and she also now want evidence that all is safe. They have that at Zing where we operate an open door workshop (most other brands outsource or carry out operations under a veil of secrecy) and we believe we're the only eco brand to carry out extensive independent research to prove that our products are the safest on the market. See our FAQ page for more detail.


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