Short Term Skin Plumping - PEGs - Plastic Compounds

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A lot of skincare products only provide temporary hydration and plumping. That's why you have to keep reaching for that bottle or jar and re applying the product several times a day. 

The inclusion of the likes of PEGs in mass produced products (used widely by the 7 top conglomerates that own 80% of all skincare brands) is one of the reasons for this. PEGs (plastic compounds) improve the skin feel and absorption of other ingredients but have been linked with damaging the skin's natural protective barrier ultimately often leaving the skin dry and fragile. Some PEGs are also carcinogenic. 

At Zing we use only nature sourced ingredients and we are told repeatedly that the hydrating effect of our Organic Skincare lasts all day. 

This means safer softer skin with you feeling the best version of yourself holistically. It also means better value for you as the product goes further. Additionally taking a conscious decision to use only nature sourced ingredients is more respectful to the environment. The disposal of the by products of manufacture of the likes of PEGs is hazardous to the Eco system. 

If you want to know if you're using PEGs in your skincare presently then take a quick glance at the ingredients list. And why not tell what you find? We'd love to hear from you!
Browse our all botanical Organic Skincare Collection here for a truly nurturing solution that offers better value in real times whilst creating absolutely minimal impact on our delicate eco system.
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