Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards 2017 - We're in the running!

Posted by kirsty morrison on

We've been invited to enter the Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards next year in regard to our ongoing collaboration with the Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry at Strathclyde University. We knew we were buying all our ingredients for our candles in good faith but wanted to be sure they were as pure as they could be. The extensive lab tests included establishing an absence of phthalates in a very wide range of raw ingredients and end products. Phthalates a family of nasties are still used widely at high concentration by most home fragrancing brands today. Since then the partnership with Strathclyde has extended into other areas some of which have resulted in the development of innovative testing protocols at The Chemistry Clinic at Strathclyde University. It's wonderful working with young and enthusiastic students and we're really proud at the findings of the partnership to date. We believe we're the only eco brand to have taken this step to make sure our products are as safe as possible and we're thrilled John Liggat (Reader) and his team will be working with us on an ongoing basis. When you're on the same wavelength as someone it's amazing what can be achieved. And John is renowned for making very good fresh coffee so there's always a good excuse to visit him in Cathedral Street in Glasgow! But the question is, will other eco brands now ask John and his team to do the same tests on their candles? 


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