Scottish Highland Pine - Authentic Local Ingredient - and Benefits

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Pure Essential Oil of Scottish Highland Pine has a more sophisticated and faintly sweet/spicy/musky note than the more commonly used and much cheaper Austrian Pine. We love our walks in the stunning Pine Forests here in Argyll and the aroma wafting about is at once uplifting to the spirits and soothing too.

Many place a drop on the pillow to help them drift off to sleep. It helps clear blocked sinuses and mucous and is immune boosting too.

In terms of skincare benefits, there are many - Pine is gently anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral. It reduces redness and irritation and has claim to wide success in treating the likes of Psoriasis and Eczema.

You'll find it as part of the formulation of our Eco Marine Algae Facial Cleansing Masque in Seaweed, Lavender and Pine where it was important to derive extensive skincare benefits for mature and or highly sensitive skin whilst still delivering a highly nurturing and therapeutic aroma accord.

Have you tried this product yet? £24.50

Presented in amber apothecary style glassware. Refills available in our Open Door Workshop or by Mail Order.

If you're passing our workshop in Tarbert, please feel free to ask us to put a drop of this amazing essential oil on a hanky for you to take away to sniff!



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