Rosemary - the perfect Monday Essential Oil

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Pure Essential oil of Rosemary renews energy and vigour and significantly aids concentration and memory. So sure, have your strong Americano in the morning, but when it comes to that afternoon slump, instead of going for another double shot, reach for one of our all botanical candles containing Pure Essential Oil of Rosemary to get you firing on all cylinders.

Why not try our Yogi's Brow Chakra Balancing Candle in Rosemary with May Chang? The Brow Chakra is also known as The Third Eye Chakra and these essential oils will also aid with inspiration and clarity. The aroma blend actually smells quite Fir - like - imagine yourself walking through the forest early on a misty morning stepping on fallen Fir twigs.

And if your liver has taken a bit of a hammering at the weekend, you could also use our Aromachefery Chef Oil Concentrate in Rosemary to aid with gentle detoxification. Stir a drop or two into your Soup from the Deli, or open your Sandwich and wipe over the Sliced Roast Beef for a delicious all natural vibrant flavour and aroma.

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