ROSACEA - Ten Top Tips to help it - And they're all natural!

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Many of our customers report that their Rosacea symptoms are aggravated through the Christmas period and beyond. Hardly a surprise as we know emotional stress only compounds this often debilitating and even painful condition.

Here's our top 10 tips for alleviating irritation, inflammation, redness, pimples and pain associated with the condition.

1. Learn to say 'no'. 'I won't be able to manage'. 'It would be better for me to skip that one' or such like.

2. Map out some time for yourself in the day, whether it be a half hour stroll, a mini yoga or meditation session.

3. Cut back on sugars, caffeine, booze and processed food. Try to eat as much of a wholefoods based diet as possible using healthy fats in cooking like olive or coconut oil and avoid cooking at high temperatures if possible. Eat organic where you can.

4. Drink green tea - it's anti inflammatory and packed with anti oxidants. Boil water and let the kettle stand for 3 minutes before pouring over a good quality loose tea. We buy a Jasmine Green Tea from Nothing But Tea.

5. Check any changes you are planning regarding supplements/diet/skincare with your own medical professional. Your own doc knows you best.

6. Get to know the ingredients in your skincare. Google each ingredient to find out what you're actually putting on your skin. And remember that 'fragrance' or 'fragrance oil' is not a natural ingredient; it's a synthetic which has the capacity to aggravate your skin condition. Cosmetic houses do not have to tell you what's in their 'fragrance' so it's better to use either unfragranced products or those that are delicately fragranced using only pure essential oils which have to be declared in the ingredients list (like Zing's). Use oil based skincare cleansers and moisturisers which don't contain water. This will provide you with a much better value product as it will be rich in natural healing oils and it won't need a nasty preservative which can often exacerbate irritated and inflamed skin conditions. A good quality product will not leave the skin oily, rather it will balance out the sebum in the skin.

7. Examine the claims made by the manufacturer and insist on using a brand that provides a comprehensive list of ingredients in store or on line. Very often brands will tell you what they want you to know and leave out what they don't want you to see. So if all you're seeing in marketing blurb is 'active ingredients', ask yourself what other nasties might be in there. A skincare product is not going to be therapeutic for any length of time if it's packed with nasty petrochemical based ingredients be they fragrances or preservatives or whatever.

8. A good skincare product will provide ongoing support for your condition so it's important to ask yourself how your skin is feeling several weeks into using a new product. Many skincare products use alcohols and nasty PEGS to make the skin feel as if it's absorbing moisture. This might provide a temporary feeling that the skin is being soothed and plumped up, but in the medium term your skin will not benefit from these chemicals.

8. Protect your skin from environmental hazards whether it be sunlight, biting cold wind or even pollution by using natural skincare which forms a protective layer on the skin. Look for at least one ingredient that is strictly a wax to perform this vital function for you. You're looking for a plant based wax or beeswax or even 'jojoba oil' which is strictly a wax derived from the desert jojoba shrub. Jojoba Oil (wax) is actually a solid at lower temperatures like right now in winter in our workshop.

9. Choose skincare products that incorporate ingredients that deliver a healing, anti inflammatory and gently anti bacterial function. And take a glance at how many of the ingredients are organic. At Zing we state the minimum proportion of organic ingredients in our skincare range. For instance our Eco Marine Algae Cleansing Facial Masque is a minimum of 97% Organic. Products that are as devoid of pesticide traces as possible are going to provoke fewer unwanted reactions.

10. DIY skincare treatment - gently melt a tablespoonful of wild honey and with fingertips apply in soft circular movements to the face. Leave on a few minutes and remove gently with a warm (not too hot) flannel. Honey is gently antibacterial, soothing and a fantastic humecant; holding moisture in the skin without it becoming oily. (We use this in our Spa during skincare treatments.)

At Zing our Eco Marine Algae Facial Cleansing Masque and our Velveteen Facial Serum are both packed with healing, anti inflammatory and gently antibacterial ingredients. Both are entirely derived from nature. In treating Rosacea we'd suggest applying the masque before jumping in the shower to help gentle absorption of ingredients then removing the Masque with a warm but not too hot flannel so as not to over aggravate the skin. Why not try one of these products today or book in for a luxurious facial in our Spa in Tarbert, Loch Fyne, Argyll?

We offer a full replacement or refund service with all products purchased directly from us, and refills are available on all products sold in glassware at 30% off RRP.




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