Room Sprays - Friend or Foe?

Posted by Team Zing on

Generally it's thought a skoosh of a room freshening spray will enhance the atmosphere and even purify the air. Not so usually. Most room fragrances are very high in toxic chemicals which are now strongly linked to asthma, cancer, autism, endocrine disruption and even birth defects. Just because a product is legal doesn't mean it's safe, and the chemicals used are likely to cling to the walls of your home and work space and even your clothing, building up the toxins around you! The use of phthalates and other petrochemical derivatives at high concentration in a room fragrancing product is still entirely legal in this country. That's why at Zing we feel it's really important to offer an entirely holistic alternative. Our Spritzaroma Collection of Light Room and Linen Mists are composed of entirely botanical ingredients; plant hydrosols infused with pure essential oils. And even some essential oils contain allergens but we've carefully formulated all our room sprays to be under 1% of any given allergen which by industry standards is negligible. Alcohol free, these are even ok to post to friends or carry in hand luggage. But the good bit is that the entirely natural plant extracts have powerful antibacterial and therapeutic properties which can lift one's spirits virtually instantly. Shop our collection of Spritzaromas, Spa Mists, Yogi Mat and Towel Mists and Dosha Pacifying Mists on line for a wide array of uses and aroma blends. And trending right now is the highly uplifting and strongly purifying Spa Mist in Eucalyptus and Rose. And if you're travelling and finding folk sneezing around you, spritz your hanky once with this baby and sniff the antibacterial aroma to protect yourself! Feelin' and lookin' good!


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