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At Zing there are several reasons why we don't use plant based dyes on our labels.

1. Safety is paramount, and plant based dyes on natural paper have a tendency to fade. This makes it difficult for the customer to read ingredients, usage instructions, and even at times differentiate between products. We want our customers to be able to be clear about the above for a long time.

2. Our refills service is so popular that we are against placing brand new labels on each bottle or jar each time it comes in for refill. That to our mind is extremely wasteful. For clarity and safety again we want to be sure we are refilling a particular product with the appropriate product by seeing what was in the bottle before. Usually customers bring in a few jars or bottles for refill at the same time, so again we want to minimise any chance of confusion at the refills station.

3. The 'shelf appeal' of our products is important to our customers. They don't want to see dog eared and faded labels as they proudly pull out their Zingy smellies to show to friends or for use at the gym. Our labels in normal useage circumstances will last for years.

4. We don't believe in 'box ticking' at Zing Organics if there are good reasons as above not to follow the trend of other Organic Skincare or Home Fragrancing Brands. We might contend our approach regarding labelling in being longer lasting is less wasteful. It's certainly to our mind a safer approach. Remember too at Zing we favour no outer packaging for products so this is saving a massive amount of unnecessary recycling or land fill.

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