Pink Washing

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We were interested to see the response to our Facebook Post on Pink Washing from one of our followers, a breast cancer survivor herself. 'Thank you for posting this. I have had breast cancer, making things pink do nothing but increase profits. Down with pinkwashing and up with natural products!' - Donna.

We notice that the brand chosen to feature in the original article was Estee Lauder who we understand own Jo Malone. Their candles in spite of inferences of naturalness are made of paraffin wax and synthetic fragrance. Candles made of these when burned are implicated in actually causing cancer! Not exactly Pink and Fluffy!

Zing Organics ingredients are all nature sourced and toxin free. That's the whole point of Zing Organics. Kirsty our Founder who has had sensitivities all her life to synthetic ingredients and products found she had to create her own stuff to be sure she and her family were using safe and holistic products. 



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