Patchouli - the Guilty Pleasure! - and 15% off!

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Very often customers come up to us in the workshop and whisper 'I really love Patchouli - I know it's a bit uncool etc'. Often folk assume wearing Patchouli is passe and overly hippy, maybe even awkward. Let's bring Patchouli back into the limelight! - a good quality Pure Essential Oil of Patchouli particularly intermingled with other complimentary essential oils can be quite beguiling! And surely there's nothing wrong with reviving the use of a pure essential oil with deeply releasing and aphrodisiac qualities? Patchouli is widely used by leading aromatherapists for treating depression also.

Try our Yogi's Chakra Balancing Perfume in Root Chakra - Cedarwood with Patchouli, not surprisingly connected with grounding oneself, mind body and soul - 100% Certified Organic Ingredients. Aroma notes: Sweet Woody/Rich Earthy. Not just for the girls!

In this and all our perfumes we presently use an Organic Indonesian Essential Oil of Patchouli - Pogostemon Cablin - steam distilled from the leaves of the plant/herb. Often thought to be a wood resin, it's actually of the mint family.

The affirmation associated with the Root Chakra which we've devised is 'I'm grounded, safe and secure' which features on a separate label in Root Chakra colour of red.

Why not visit our workshop in Tarbert, Loch Fyne, Argyll and see your perfume being made for you by hand?

Use code 'PATCHOULIREVIVAL' for 15% off anything containing Patchouli in our workshop or in our on line store this week only. One redemption per customer only. Not with other offers.

 p.s. Patchouli is our guilty pleasure too!.


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