Pampered Pregnancy

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Being #pregnant at #christmas can be a bit frustrating. Can't do the #cocktails, can't eat the pongy cheeses, can't stand the smell of certain things being cooked etc. And you know it's a minefield choosing fragranced #candles that are safe to use. It's still legal in the UK to use #phthalates based synthetic #fragranceoils in candles which is outrageous when we know these have significantly negative implications for the developing foetus. We developed our #Pregnancy #Safe #Candles using only pure soy wax and pure essential oils to fragrance the product. Unbleached cotton wick. Most brands use the terms 'pure oils', 'pure perfume', 'fragrance'/fragrance oils' etc to dupe the consumer into thinking the scent is naturally sourced. 😞 We've had extensive purity testing conducted successfully on our candles, see FAQ page on our website. Our Pregnancy Safe range has been recommended in Mother and Baby Mag. And we're the only brand to recognise that not all essential oils are safe in pregnancy and that it's safer to use certain ones for each trimester + labour. And even essential oils have allergens which we keep to under .75% of any given allergen in this collection. This is miniscule compared to most brands. Allergen declaration is now mandatory on candles. However most brands don't comply, as they're now between a rock and a hard place. Having kidded on their ingredients are natural all along, they're hardly going to declare synthetic fragrance allergens (long and unpronounceable words) which are clearly straight out a factory. And you can pamper her at Christmas now with this collection of sublimely subtly scented pregnancy candles whilst keeping her and bump safe! 😉 #maternitygifts #pregnancygifts #keepbabysafe #veganfriendly #clickonlinkinbiogtoshop

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