Myrrh - and not just any one

Posted by kirsty morrison on

The extraction of Myrrh resin into an essential oil is vastly easier with a solvent. However we refuse to use just any old Myrrh essential oil. Ours is Wildcrafted (without the use obviously of chemicals) and extracted in painstaking fashion by steam distillation only. It might cost we Zingies double the price, but we want to make sure our ingredients are as safe as possible and the best smelling which we're sure this one is! Our Yogi Sacral Chakra Balancing Mat and Towel Mist in Frankincense, Myrrh, Lemongrass and Geranium is our best selling product containing Myrrh essential oil. You'll also find it as a base note option in our on line Candle Couture service where you can select your own top, middle and base notes for your huge one wick candle.


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