Herb of the Week - Lemongrass + Try it for Free!

Posted by Kirsty Morrison on

Lemongrass Aroma Notes: Sharp, Sweet and Lemony.

Lemongrass essential oil is well renowned as a bug buster in anti midge sprays and candles etc. However it's also a powerful anti bacterial agent internally. It's also been shown to: -

Aid Digestion

Aid Detoxification

Ease Inflammation

Lower Cholesterol

Boost Immunity 

Fight Flu or Colds

We'd not suggest cooking neat with essential oils as they can be far too potent. All of our Aromachefery Seasoning Products provide Organic Essential Oils infused in other sustainable bases like solar extracted Scottish Sea Salt, Organic Sugar or Scottish Rapeseed Oil to provide small safe seasoning measures. Our Chef Oil Concentrate in Lemongrass can be used in a number of ways. Try wiping two drops of this over each cooked portion of Char Grilled Chicken or Fish, or swirl in a few drops into each bowl of Thai Chicken Noodle Broth. You can even use this to fragrance a home made Creme Brulee. Simply wipe each ramekin with a few drops of the nectar before you fill with the creme brulee mixture! 

400 drops per bottle. 200 fragrancing measures. £12.50. Refills available at 30% off RRP. 


And this week receive this product absolutely free with any other additional spend of £30 on line. Not with other offers. Offer expires Saturday 27th January. One redemption only per customer! Use Code 'LEMONGRASS' at checkout.



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