Fruit Salad in Winter? - You're going to love this!

Posted by Kirsty Morrison on

Does your fruit salad in the winter sometimes feel a bit bland? Here's a top tip that will keep you and your family coming back for more all winter long. Chop up your fruit as usual into small pieces; a melon perhaps, a pineapple and a grapefruit with a few slices of dates. Pour off the juices, add the juice of a fresh lemon then stir two drops of our Cinnamon Gourmet Infused Oil Concentrate into this. Place the chopped fruit in individual bowls then pour over a little of the juices over each serving. You will not believe how this lifts the aroma and flavour of the otherwise uninspired plate of fruit! Cinnamon is warming, aromatic, naturally sweetening and good in other on..

And did you know that Cinnamon is a powerful anti microbial, antioxidant, anti inflammatory and it's even now being shown to help in cases of diabetes and alzheimers? It's also been seen to lower cholesterol. Do you need any more reasons to include Cinnamon in your diet?

Now if you decide to use Cinnamon Essential Oil for cooking/seasoning yourself please be very careful. Cinnamon is one of the most potent essential oils and should not be used neat. Always infuse (dilute in down) in another neutral oil like rapeseed oil or sunflower oil. Our Aromachefery Gourmet Infused Sea Salts, Oils or Sweetening Nectars are all infused (diluted) in advance for you to use in safe small measurements as per the instructions.

This might make the perfect foodie gift for Christmas and we're happy to gift wrap this and or a few items together free of charge for you!






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