Coloured Candles - Cool eh?

Posted by Kirsty Morrison on

So often we're asked why we can't offer a coloured (dyed) candle. Well, it's very hard to achieve an effective colour in a candle naturally and the vast majority of dyes are of petrochemical origin. Most companies offering a wide range of coloured candles are also using petrochemical based waxes and fragrances. These are linked with asthma, cancer, autism and birth defects. Sadly the consumer thinks that if a company says its products are natural then that must be so. We at Zing believe we're the only company to set about proving our products are as safe as they can possibly be through independent research by a leading academic research facility. Read more on our FAQ page and meantime if you want to be safe, the first step is to avoid coloured candles. Anyway we think the natural ivory tone of the soy wax we use (guaranteed GMO and pesticide free) looks just lovely the way it is! Every candle colourant will have its own safety document known as a MSDS (material safety data sheet) so any reputable company will be happy to let you see the MSDS for their colourants if in fact they are naturally sourced/plant based. Please comment if you have any information to add on this subject we'd love to learn more and would appreciate widening the discussion.


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