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When I speak to my customers, what comes through as a cause of their feeling unwell is a sense of guilt. Guilt over not being the perfect parent, partner, daughter, son or sibling etc. Guilt over regrets and mistakes we've made that haunt us. Things we said, the way we said them, things we've done. Things we haven't said or done.

We're all human. We all wish life could be better, different, we all wish we could change certain things that are going on or things we could have handled better.

Our responsibilities do not diminish in an age where:

*We're witnessing the ever expanding command of Social Media and technology - even if we're not self employed we're expected by conditioning to be on call for every email, text or message almost instantly. Our time is not our own. Is there really any such thing as a holiday now where you can switch off completely for a day or two?

* In real terms most of us are earning less than before whilst the cost of everything is rising.

* Kids are being brainwashed into thinking they must have the best of designer clothes and the latest games etc.

* Our parents live longer and suffer more and we have less time to care for them or show them our love.

Through all this we have to find a way of asserting that we're doing our best in the circumstances and that we ARE good enough. It's an interesting fact that people more inclined to feel Guilty make better parents, partners and friends, so the whole thing builds up steam unless we decide to change the focal point.

Make a decision to stop Guilt in its tracks and you're half way there!

Myrrh is an essential oil reputed to be powerful at easing feelings of guilt, of low self esteem and a nagging sense that things are wonky, out of kilter. Myrrh has the capability of bringing you back to a sense of your true self, to your purpose and the beauty within. No wonder it was once worth the same weight for weight as Gold. Soft Smoky Woods aroma.

Try inhaling a drop of our Sacred Woods Perfume in Palo Santo, Frankincense, Sandalwood and Myrrh between the palms for a full minute to help relieve tension, feelings of malaise and anxiety and allow yourself to fall back into yourself. Your true beautiful self. Try whilst doing this thinking or uttering the mantra - 'I feel Guilt dissolving, I am precious, I am good enough'.


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