Phthalates in Home Fragrancing and Skincare

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Zing Organics have had an extensive range of their raw ingredients, handling equipment and products tested phthalates free. 

What are Phthalates? - Phthalates are plasticisers that are used at high proportion in the cheapest synthetic fragrances of the day. These are used widely in home fragrancing, cosmetics and skincare - even by most cult 'luxury' brands. Phthalates also occasionally find their way into pure essential oils - botanically sourced fragrances that have been diluted or adulterated as a cost cutting exercise.

Risks - Phthalates are now strongly linked with headaches, asthma, cancer, autism and are also endocrine disruptors ('gender bending').

Absorption of Phthalates is also associated with weight gain as the body seeks to put on fat to protect the organs from being exposed to the dangers of the contaminants. Our pets are much more susceptible to cancer than ever before and much of this is being put down to the increased use of nasty synthetics such as phthalates in the home.

Phthalates are also massively hazardous to the eco system and synthetics such as these once created don't just vanish into the air. Witness  the pollution of the rivers in India where families drink water, bathe and clean their clothes. The ensuing illness from the waste from factories using phthalates is having a devastating effect on the health and well being of the poorest families.

Why we decided to engage in Independent Purity Testing to prove the absence of phthalates in our ingredients and products. - We did so via the Chemistry Clinic at Strathclyde University of Glasgow as whilst we scrutinise the relationships that we have with our third party suppliers, we wanted to go the extra mile to ensure our ingredients and end products were as pure and safe as they could possibly be. This was an extensive exercise that had a positive outcome. 

Leeching - Phthalates have a nasty habit of leeching into the environment and so even someone who leads an entirely Organic lifestyle will have phthalates in their system to a some degree. Phthalates are present in the umbilical cord and pass from Mother to Child. Sit beside someone in the Tube who uses synthetic scent of any form, or go into a public swimming pool and you are most certainly absorbing phthalates as well. At Zing we wanted the customer to be able to make an informed choice to minimise their and their loved ones exposure to this nasty group of chemicals.

Unique - We believe at Zing that we are the ONLY Ethical Lifestyle Brand that has proven independently that a massively extensive range of our ingredients/ handling equipment /end products are phthalates free. You might find brands that say they don't use phthalates in their formulae but because phthalates leech so easily, that doesn't mean their end products are phthalates free. Ask your favoured brand if they can guarantee there are no phthalates used in the formulae at the very least, and you might be surprised by the awkward responses. If the ingredients list in your skincare includes 'fragrance', that infers a synthetic fragrance which may well include phthalates. Also if you ask the brand WHERE the products are made, you might not get a straight answer - try Thailand or India where loads of candles are made for a start! More vulnerable families being subjected to the shocking consequences of the use of an insidious synthetic that used merely to save money.

We're extremely proud of our on going collaboration with the Chemistry Clinic at Strathclyde University which has and continues to give us the reassurance that our products are as safe as they can possibly be for our own friends and family and our valued customers.

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