Coffee and those Genes!

Posted by kirsty morrison on

Seemingly there's a gene responsible for those who keep wanting more coffee. Well that's us off the hook then! However did you also know that it's been shown that merely sniffing coffee can have the effect of curbing the desire for more? Well we can't guarantee it..we say a bit of both sounds good! Anyway this was the reason for developing our aroma blend with a key note of Pure Arabica Coffee which we blended with stunning Cardamom and Blood Orange to deliver a totally satisfying gourmand accord. We think you should try it at a special 15% off this week only. Once you receive it, tell us what you think!  As ever the candle is made from 100% Botanically Sourced Ingredients. Click the link below to buy your candle now using promocode 'DOUBLESHOT' to see your full discount kick in. And keep your eyes peeled on Facebook as we're shortly announcing a Facebook giveaway on one of these soon to be cult Zing products!


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