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Essential Oil of Wild (Black) Spruce is a great essential oil to ease arthritis as it helps relieve inflammation and soreness in joints. It's warming and energising to the joints and and its inhalation or absorption dermally (via application to the skin) is also considered to be helpful for adrenal support making it a wonderful oil to tackle chronic lethargy especially during the winter months.

Wild Spruce is native to Canada and the Pure Essential Oil we use is steam distilled from the blueish green needles of the conifer. We use the Organic variety - Picea Mariana by NHR Organic Oils in our Fabacado Hand and Body Butter in Avocado with Wild Spruce, Frankincense and Lime - and as you'll be likely applying this mostly to the driest areas of your body - hands, knees, elbows and feet - many of your joints - your body might be capable of deriving greater benefits that merely intense moisturisation!

Our Fabacado Hand and Body Butter comprises 100% Certified Organic Ingredients ensuring you're absorbing/inhaling the purest of ingredients and offering peace of mind that you're doing what you can to promote biodiversity and sustainability. The product is available in two sizes and as an andydrous (water free) product - packed simply with natural butter, wax and oils - you'll be surprised how little you need per application. The brisk piecing resiny aroma of Wild Spruce surely evokes the joy of a crisp winter's morning and the thought of a log fire roaring away on Christmas Day - making this a perfect Christmas Gift!

Click the link below to start your journey with our 100% Organic Fabacado Hand and Body Butter. 

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