Beeswax - More Precious than Gold!

Posted by Kirsty Morrison on

We simply love beeswax in skincare. It's healing, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and has a wonderful knack of holding precious organic moisturising oils used in our skincare deep within the skin's layers. It allows the skin to breathe but still protects it from further environmental damage. Now it may be the only non Vegan ingredient we use but we've found it hard to replace with a plant based wax that does such a good job at skin nourishment and protection. And whilst other plant waxes tick the Vegan box, many of the methods for extracting them use very harsh chemicals. So in spite of their botanically derived status, these may not be as naturally sustainable as beeswax. Beeswax may be an animal by product but it's not taken from animal parts. It's been used for centuries by ancient cultures for healing at many levels. Additionally we feel supporting beekeeper's incomes encourages pollination by their bees meaning that more plants grow naturally, producing a cleaner eco system and ensuring we have plenty of veg and plants to eat to afford us a green, clean and healthy lifestyle!

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Watercolour Illustration for us by local Tarbert artist Wilma Mackenzie.


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