Ask Kirsty - 'Can you do me a candle in Basil, Jasmine and Buchu for Morning Sickness?'

Posted by kirsty morrison on

I've been asked so many times if I can do a candle similar to the one that the Duchess of Cambridge was said to have used during her pregnancy to combat morning sickness. Well Basil, Jasmine and Buchu are all strongly contra indicated in pregnancy so I wouldn't suggest this as a particularly good idea. Our own Nurturing Pregnancy Collection uses essential oils which are safe and therapeutic for each stage of pregnancy. The first trimester is usually going to be the most vulnerable stage and we would suggest either an unscented candle or our very low allergy First Trimester Green Mandarin Candle which is soothing to the nervous system but still vibrant and energising. Green Mandarin is also good for settling tummy upsets. So even waking up to the candle by your bedside (un-lit) in the morning might offer some comfort.  If your nausea continues into your second trimester help is at hand again as our Second Trimester Candle marries Bourbon Geranium with Ginger, widely reputed to combat sickness however triggered.




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