Ask Kirsty - 'Are your candles safe in pregnancy?'

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Asked of me this week 'Are your candles safe in pregnancy?'. Yes. We've created a 100% Botanically Sourced Collection of candles safe according to trimester - there's even one just for labour! Taking care of yourself in pregnancy is a very serious business and it can be bewildering as the customer tries to make the right choices. Most 'natural' candles still use paraffin wax or use natural plant waxes but add synthetic petrochemical based fragrances. One of the scariest chemical groups to avoid in pregnancy are phthalates. These are linked to cancer, asthma, autism, birth defects and are renowned endocrine disruptors too amongst other concerns. They're not banned in this country and are commonly found in synthetic fragrances. Even pure essential oils have been found to be adulterated at times with these to dilute the essential oils to make them go further. That's why Zing has gone the extra mile to have extensive independent lab testing carried out on a huge range of samples of raw materials and finished products by Strathclyde University. All the samples tested by the Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry were confirmed to be phthalates free. Contact us for any more information you'd like on these studies. We're the only brand to take this step. Additionally all Zing candles have been carefully formulated to contain less than 1% of any naturally occurring essential oil allergen. That's a fraction of the allergenic levels you'll find in most brands. The candles may be a little more subtle in aroma than other candles but they're still compelling, entirely botanically sourced and as safe as they can possibly be.

Not all essential oils are safe in pregnancy. Some are contra indicated right through pregnancy, some are contra indicated at the early stages. So we've taken the guess work out of this for the consumer and bring you a beautiful collection of pregnancy safe candles with different aroma blends for each stage. We hope you love!

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