Vanilla Candles - Yuck or Yum?

Posted by kirsty morrison on

Any number of visitors to our workshop will tell you they cannot abide a Vanilla scented candle. I'd be inclined to agree with them, as the vast majority are fragranced with a sickly sweet synthetic fragrance oil which could make one run a mile at times! We only use a hint of Vanilla in our candles as a proportion of the essential oil blend, never greater than 10%. We use an entirely organic extract derived from Vanilla pods. Most Vanilla Absolutes are solvent extracted. The one we favour and use presently uses no such chemicals in the process. You'll know the difference when you savour the aroma from any of our products containing Vanilla. It's more subtle and I would suggest satisfies the soul. It's known to suppress cravings for chocolate of all things so it's useful as a tool in curbing appetite. We're giving one of our 'Skinny' One Wick Indulge Candles away in our free Facebook competition this week, so you could be in with a chance of winning a candle containing an euphoric combination of essential oils renowned for suppressing appetite and boosting self esteem! Hop over to the Zing Organics Facebook page and join the natural revolution!


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