Are synthetic fragrances making you fat?

Posted by kirsty morrison on

To this day it's astonishing how certain 'natural' skincare and home fragrancing companies seek to mislead the consumer. Their products may be paraben and SLS/SLES free. They might not contain dyes and even incorporate fair trade ingredients. Perhaps they're not tested on animals. Some skincare products or perfumes might even be strictly speaking Organic, as to term a product Organic it only has to have a certain percentage of Organic ingredients. However if artificial fragrances are contained in the mix, that does not in our view make for a safe or ethical product. Phthalates of petrochemical origin contained in artificial fragrances are associated with cancer, asthma, and are renowned endocrine disruptors too. They may even cause weight gain as the body seeks to protect the organs from these insidious chemicals by storing fat in the body. So in choosing a skincare product, perfume, candle or room spray, do please as for a complete list of ingredients. Ironically if only pure essential oils are used as fragrance in a skincare product, all ingredients must be listed by law in Latin in accordance with INCI terminology along with the potential 'allergenic components' of each essential oil. However, if artificial fragrances are used, it is competent for the manufacturer to merely use the term 'fragrance'  or 'parfum' to conceal what ingredients are held in the fragrance. Bonkers but true! Now you know..don't be fooled by the term 'parfum' or 'fragrance in a product! And if you can't get a complete listing of ingredients then you can't be sure! When you come to the Zing workshop, you can see exactly what is going into your product before your very eyes. Or even better, come and learn to make your own personal aromatic goodies!


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