The Zing Filling Station

Posted by kirsty morrison on

Our packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable, and more than that very often refillable! So if you're able to visit our workshop in picturesque Tarbert, Loch Fyne, do take note of our refill service! For 75% of RRP we will refill any glass candle jar or votive with a fragrance blend of your choosing. If you have a pottery mug we will refill this at only 50% of original RRP! So filling your home with the most delectable aromas needn't cost the earth in more than one sense! Don't worry about cleaning the glassware out..that's our job and part of the service. And if we have a candle of the right size and fragrance in stock we'll simply swap this with your used one which we will clean and use again! 


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