Sense of Smell

Posted by kirsty morrison on

I am amazed how many customers I have who have no or a very limited sense of smell. When I help them choose essential oils blends or work with them at workshops, it surprises me how many start to enjoy something of the aromas. Originally they and I thought this was to do with enjoying the notion of the aromas through memory.

One of these lovely ladies forwarded me this article.  You have to read it closely but in there you will find that studies have shown that essential oils can in fact assist to some degree in helping recover a sense of smell. And curiously when this happens in my experience a resinous oil features every time, from patchouli to cedarwood to fir. Hippies know best! Fascinating!

Image by Bill Baillie in a cave in a secret location somewhere near Kilmartin, Argyll. Not telling.


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