New Year - New You - Candle and Perfume Making Courses

Posted by kirsty morrison on

When I developed sensitivities in pregnancy, I started researching what goes into candles, linen sprays and cosmetics.I was taken aback to learn how much concealment existed in marketing and the listing of ingredients. This problem persists to this day. So many products appear to be natural but many contain highly toxic ingredients, and we must remember we do ingest what is burned from a candle too! That's why I am motivated to help others learn the craft of making 100% Natural Candles and 100% Organic Perfumes and to help them understand how to fully interpret labels. The Natural and Organic market is growing in the UK at an extraordinary rate as consumers become more aware. This creates opportunities for new businesses making authentic products to meet demand. Many of our students plan to go on to launch their own ventures and we hope we are able to help fulfil these dreams.

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