Would you burn a poly bag in your fire?

Posted by kirsty morrison on

Would you put plastics in a burning log or coal fire and sit with the family in the same room? Nor would I. However some 'natural' candle companies think it's responsible to use nylon cored wicks in their holistic candles. The same companies say there are no petrochemical derivatives in their products. However the real question is why these companies need to use nylon in the wick. At Zing we use unbleached braided cotton wicks dipped in entirely natural wax. That's it. When you use a totally botanical plant wax and totally botanically derived pure essential oils we know you don't need plastics in the wick to generate a satisfactory and holistic aroma in burning your candle. And when we live and work in a place of untainted beauty such as coastal Argyll, we're inspired to keep everything as safe as it can possibly be for our own families, our colleagues and for our customers.

Image looking over to the Fish Quay from the Marina in Tarbert.




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