I Love a Posh Candle - but what's in it?

Posted by kirsty morrison on

Most well known 'natural' candle brands declare key notes of rare essential oils in their candles to fragrance the product and enhance allure. Ones like Neroli, Rose, Mimosa and Jasmine for instance. Ones that cost around £6,000 per kilo. Ones that don't even smell like these essential oils. Ones where the retailer commands (fair enough they have their own huge overheads) 50% of the shelf value. A larger faintly fragranced candle will require around 200 drops of essential oils. The expression; do the maths does come to mind. 

The image is of Tarbert as I walk back to my workshop on a frosty evening after a late lunch at one of the lovely little bistros in the town.


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